Menù (english)

All pizzas in our menù. Choose your favourite recipe from menù and come here in Pisa to taste it!
This is our take away menù. For every items you’ll find a beer recommendation and when you come in store, you’ll find the completed menù with starters, cold dishes, salads, and sweet pizzas.

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Pizzas with tomato
dettaglio di una pizza rossa

AFFUMICATA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked cheese, smoked ham)
AMATRICIANA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, onion, Siena bacon, pecorino romano cheese)
BAGNOLI (tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami, ricotta cheese)
BOMBA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, sausage, Siena bacon, spicy salami)
BUFALINA (tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella)
CAPRICCIOSA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, baked ham, olives, artichokes, mushrooms)
DIAVOLA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy salami)
DIAVOLA CAMPANA (tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami)
FUNGHI (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms)
GRECA (tomato sauce, aubergine, feta cheese, onion, olives, oregano)
JACOPO (tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta cheese, Siena bacon)
MARGHERITA (tomato sauce, mozzarella)
MARINARA (tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, olive oil)
NAPOLI (tomato sauce, mozzarella, oregano, capers, anchovies)
NORMA (tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, aubergine, grana cheese)
PARMIGIANA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine, grana cheese)
PISANA (tomato sauce, grana cheese, oregano, capers, anchovies)
PUTTANESCA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, capers, fresh tomatoes, grana cheese)
QUATTRO STAGIONI (tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, olives, artichokes, mushrooms)
SFIZIOSA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, baked ham, mushrooms)
TIMONIERA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, tuna, oregano, onion)
TOSCANA (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mascarpone cheese, smoked ham)

Pizzas without tomato
dettaglio di una pizza bianca

ARICCIA (mozzarella, lettuce, dried tomatoes in oil, suckling pig, buffalo mozzarella)
BRESAOLA (mozzarella, bresaola, arugula, grana cheese)
DELICATA (mozzarella, baked ham, fresh tomatoes)
GRICIA (mozzarella, chopped onion, Siena bacon, pecorino romano cheese)
IL CAMPIONE (mozzarella, pistachio pesto, smoked ham, pistachios)
MALANDRINA** (mozzarella, basil custard, stracchino cheese, Siena bacon)
MONTANARA (mozzarella, sausage, mushrooms)
PRIMAVERA (mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, arugula)
QUATTRO FORMAGGI (mozzarella, emmental cheese, smoked cheese, gorgonzola cheese)
RUFFIANA (mozzarella, nuts, arugula, dried tomatoes in oil, stracchino cheese)
SIMONA (mozzarella, mushrooms, ham)
TREVIGIANA (mozzarella, radicchio salad, nuts, gorgonzola cheese)
VEGETARIANA (mozzarella, seasonal vegetables)
TRINACRIA (mozzarella, ham, fresh tomatoes, chopped pistachios)
TUNA and LEMON (mozzarella, tuna, lemon, chopped pistachios)

** Not suitable for cashew allergic

dettaglio di un calzone

TRADIZIONALE (tomato sauce, mozzarella, basilico)
PIACEVOLE (tomato sauce, mozzarella, baked ham, mushrooms)
MONTAGNA (mozzarella, mushrooms, sausage)
CAMPIONE (mozzarella, pistachio pesto, smoked ham, pistachios)
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